9. He Only Comes Home at Night

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Once you see a pattern that your partner comes home late at night, it is a sure red flag in your relationship.

Although it is typical for some men to come back late after a night with friends, usually this as a frequent and cyclical pattern can only mean that he wants you for one thing only.

And that doesn't include anything along the lines of emotional bonding.

He Never Takes You out in Public


"What's yours is mine. And what's mine is mine too." This is incredibly sexist. If women don't want to be discriminated against, they need to stop being so sexist themselves.
Typical Female
So if a man begins to act like the average female, then you need to break up with them immediately! Remember ladies, only you have the right to be the mooch in the relationship! What's the man going to do, threaten you with no sex? Puh-leez! That's your role! Remember, a relationship is only worth having if you can benefit financially from it!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Too funny! I wouldn't necessarily say that all of the time, because I think things should be split evenly, most of the time, but that's funny!
Heather Jensen
Hi Francis! Thanks for the comment! :) Agreed, first date they should pay, after that it can be split. :)
francis sukuli
the guy should pay for the first time bt let not say only men to pay for everything. 50/50.
What kind of guys are this women dating? His money is ours, my money is MINE
Heather Jensen
Hi John! I do definitely see how that can be frustrating and I get your point now, but I don't think that every female is a serial dater, just like I don't think that every man is a cheater. I think that if you make the date something affordable, not dinner, just drinks or even just coffee in the beginning, it can be easy to save money -- while still seeing if the girl is a serial dater. :)
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