4. Introduce Yourself

It might be hard the very first time that you get your crush alone, but you've got to introduce yourself.

Don't ever assume that he knows your name or even who you are.

Chances are, he doesn't and you need to really make yourself shine and shimmer when you get him alone for the first time!

Keep It Casual


Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! Do you see him in the hallways at all? That might be a good place to start to try to talk to him! :)
I have a crush on this boy in my ict class since Christmas.. I've tried to talk to him and I've asked for his number but he just said tomorrow and walked off. We've had eye contact but I'm not sure my flirting is good enough. What should I do?? :/
I'm in the seventh grade and I reallly like this guy. One day he just started flirting with me. Well to be honest i cant tell when hes flirting or not, hes just one of those guys. I tried to keep cool and flirt back but im not really an expert. He always talks to me but we're 'friends' and he's just a social guy. Any advice?
Hi. Im sixteen and in high school. My crush and i only have one class together but, he's been sitting next to me since day one, despite the fact that there are unoccupied spaces near the guys. I had to leave school for a month and when i came back he had a new clique and i couldn't talk to him. I dont have his number or know his locker. And i don't have any more classes with him any more. what should I do?
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