3. You’re Still in Love with Your Ex

You’re Still in Love with Your Ex

If you still have feelings for an ex, you shouldn't start a relationship with someone new. It's unfair to them, and it's unfair to you. You need to learn how to get over your past before you can move forward and start a new future with someone special.

You Haven’t Found Someone You Really Want to Date


I got no intreats
All the best to you
Good luck
After a terrible relationship where I was forced into physical situations I wasn't ready for, I've experienced "guy anxiety". 8 months later, I am just focusing on myself and my school work and am wai...
@Emmarachelmay, true that! Me too!
No point rushing things! I was in an abusive relationship and now it feels good to live life for myself and not having to think about someone else all the time!
I've been single for 5 years... I got a long list to do, I still loved my ex!!! But I tried going out with some guy but it did not work out. Now I am in serious relationship... I'm doing well. So pati...
Ive never been single for too long so now enjoying some me time but don't last long having a good friend I've known 5 years only now we both opening up but as now I love myself I can love him well getting there
If you are still with your parents then stay single until your out.
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